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Recently, two places of which I am an alumnus have started making me very angry.

As best I can tell, both the high school from which I graduated and the fraternity of which I was a member in college have recently contracted out their alumni data gathering to a company called Publishing Concepts. Took a look around the web and you’ll see what sort of insanity this company does in it’s quest for your information.

In PCI’s effort to contact me and “verify my information,” I have received 3 postcards about my high school and 4 about my fraternity, numerous emails, and now, multiple phone calls per day. When I answer the phone, I hear nothing but a dial tone, then the call disconnects. This phone tag happens at least 3 times a day.

The real gipper here is that I have already pledged both of these organizations money and am making ongoing contributions. This is exactly the sort of treatment that makes one begin to question his/her continuing support.

I’ve now emailed the school and the fraternity to let them know exactly the treatment they’ve paid for their alumni to receive.