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I’m joining a coworker for the Out of the Darkness Community Walk on Nov. 1 here in Nashville. All proceeds go to support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. We’ll be getting sponsorships for the walking we are doing. This is a cause which is deeply personal to me and a great way to support a coworker.

If you’d like to sponsor me, please click the link below:

Sponsor Me Now!

Hopefully, we can make a difference for at least one person.


Recently, two places of which I am an alumnus have started making me very angry.

As best I can tell, both the high school from which I graduated and the fraternity of which I was a member in college have recently contracted out their alumni data gathering to a company called Publishing Concepts. Took a look around the web and you’ll see what sort of insanity this company does in it’s quest for your information.

In PCI’s effort to contact me and “verify my information,” I have received 3 postcards about my high school and 4 about my fraternity, numerous emails, and now, multiple phone calls per day. When I answer the phone, I hear nothing but a dial tone, then the call disconnects. This phone tag happens at least 3 times a day.

The real gipper here is that I have already pledged both of these organizations money and am making ongoing contributions. This is exactly the sort of treatment that makes one begin to question his/her continuing support.

I’ve now emailed the school and the fraternity to let them know exactly the treatment they’ve paid for their alumni to receive.

I’ve decided to come back to [] after branching out to some Rails-based software for a while on my own domain. In short, a blog at [] is just so much easier than running through the update dance on a self-hosted WordPress system. Maybe I’ll actually write a little more here now.


I am moving my blog to here:

It runs SimpleLog which itself is a Rails application. I will be building out the root site soon, but have moved the blog for now.

Job Search

Once again, I find myself looking for work. I guess that’s the problem when you love new challenges. Sometimes, they don’t work out. If anyone knows of web development work in Nashville, TN, let me know.

My resume is here.

Racism Still Exists? GASP!

Is it me or is the rest of the country just ignorant to the fact that rich white kids in the South are, for the most part, racist. That’s not to say that they are bigots. They may not act on that racism against other races, but they certainly think it.

Take this story on CNN, Racist Party at Clemson. They seem almost breathless that white kids might be insensitive on MLK, Jr. day. As a graduate of a southern state school, I can guarantee that those kids knew exactly what they were doing. They were intentionally exhibiting stereotypes of black people in an attempt to belittle and mock MLK, Jr. day. Some of it might have been motivated by a misplaced sense of hipster irony, but the majority of it was that they simply don’t see anything wrong with what they were doing.

What bothers me most is not the racism itself (that cause is far beyond my ability to solve for anyone other than myself and those I deal with), but the fact that journalists and others around the country seem so surprised. In that same vein, CNN is also showing some video coverage of the “E-Gate scandal” out in Seattle. The tone of the whole thing seems to be surprise and mocking horror.

I wonder what world these people live in that they see such little racism around them. It’s hard to avoid in the news, in commercials, and in almost all media. How can these people not be aware of the huge undercurrent of racial tension in this country? How can they not see that the poor and the minorities are still being walked on, even in the military, where they serve as cannon fodder while only hoping to make a step up the ladder.

Where does this surprise come from?

Max It Out

Nick Bradbury, of Homesite, TopStyle, and FeedDemon fame, is asking folks in Nashville to spread the word about Max It Out. This is a worthwhile charity event, and though I’ve not attended it (I’m new to Nashville), you can read more about it from Nick.

The charity is involved in raising money to study and hopefully, cure bacterial meningitis while raising awareness of how devastating the disease can be, especially in children.

If you’re in Nashville, check it out.

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Buying a Car

I just bought a new car. It’s a 2005 Kia Spectra5 with 19,000 miles. I have pretty bad credit because of some dumb decisions when I was right out of college.

With that, the credit companies feel free to rake me over the coals. It’s their perogative in the free market, I suppose.

For all the recent chatter about the consumer being empowered by the web and car buying becoming a buyer’s transaction, I still feel like I just got done filming my first movie with Jeff Stryker. What would it take to make car buying as good and easy an experience as buying a book from Amazon?

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Music Meme

Open iTunes/iPod or Windows Media Player to answer the following.
Go to your library.
Answer, no matter how embarrassing it is.

How many songs? 20,643

Arrange by artist:
First artist: !!!
Last artist: The Zutons

Arrange by song:
First Song: ’74-’75 – The Connells
Last Song: Zwara – Juno Reactor

Arrange by time:
Shortest Song: Flip Sting – 0:02 – Kill Bill Vol. 1 Soundtrack
Longest Song: A Long Day – 36:30 – The Polyphonic Spree – Beginning Stages Of…

Arrange by album:
First Album: ‘Frisco Mabel Joy – Mickey Newbury
Last Album: Zu & Co. – Zucchero
First song that comes up on shuffle: Twenty Flight Rock – Tiger Army
How many songs come up when you search for “sex”? 88
How many songs come up when you search for “death”? 122
How many songs come up when you search for “love”? 1,058

Arrange by play count:
Which is your most frequently played song? N/A (library just rebuilt, so no data)

First, we had Troy Gentry shooting a bear in a cage. Now, Trace Adkins is responsible for at least 2 of the worst songs recorded in country music…of all time. He is now on my official list of people to pick a fight with in Nashville. Sure, both of them would probably kick my ass, but I’ll take a beating if it meant they couldn’t play a guitar for even one day.

Terrible Song #1

Second, Maybe Worse Song #2

How can anyone who has a remote understanding of music stand to listen to this?