Canceling Vonage Redux

No, I have not signed up again for that damned Vonage plan. However, after 49 comments in the last two years (pretty much unheard of for my little blog) with the last one coming as recently as today, it seems like many of you still have issues canceling Vonage.

A quick Google search for “cancel vonage” shows that my blog post is one of hundreds, if not thousands, of blog posts, forum posts, email list posts, and all other forms of web communication which detail the drudgery that is attempting to cancel Vonage.

Why would a company go to so much trouble to try to keep customers who clearly do not want their service? Is their cash flow so bad, that they simply must have the revenue? I was amazed about a year and a half ago when I read the news that Vonage couldn’t sign up new customers. Even more amazing was the fact that not a day goes by that their damned commercial is on my TV or a week goes by that I don’t get some form of direct mail piece advertising their product. Apparently, somehow the news never made it to Vonage’s offices. Not one aspect of their business model or customer service strategy seems to have changed since it became clear that they were fleecing customers.

The money must be great, because they still are around and seemingly thriving. With the ubiquitous nature of the cell phone and with cell plans getting cheaper every day, what does Vonage offer that’s not available via a service like GrandCentral? How can we more effectively spread that word that Vonage is a Faustian bargain?


  1. Paul

    I ditched Vonage about a year ago. It took a while to do so but I did this because they didn’t have any way to block outbound caller ID. Around that same time I figured I could get FREE long distance from (GC) and do something with GC that I wasn’t able to do with Vonage… have ALL of my phones (home/work/cell) ring at the same time. That just couldn’t be done with Vonage. With GC I can give out one number to everyone I know and have ONE voice message in-box. ANOTHER thing I couldn’t do with Vonage. Also, I’m not tied to a VOiP device and I can have one number for life.

    For my home phone I decided to use a bare-bones AT&T land line. That land line with NO caller ID is about $15/mo. AT&T would block my caller ID because if I made a call I wanted the recipient either to see My GC caller ID or Caller ID blocked if I called directly from my home (or cell for that matter). I’d probably still be with Vonage if they were able to block caller ID but that issue got me to ditch Vonage.

    As I last recall Vonage tech support service wasn’t very good. AND YEAH… They charge too much. They should have lowered their prices (to at least $15/mo) by now. VOiP innovation is old. Vonage features are great but there has to be something that’s transforming for people to change. GC has that transforming technology. Vonage is just hoping you hate MaBell enough to switch.

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