SQLAlchemy and Michael Bayer

I’d like to write more about SQLAlchemy and Django, and I will, but for now, just this little note. (As a teaser, we use Django and SQLAlchemy [along with Elixir] on a daily basis, and it’s a great combination.)

As far as open-source support goes, we all know that projects vary greatly in how well they support the folks using their code. The incentive for them to do so is almost entirely altruistic, unless one considers having a popular open-source product as a certain kind of fame.

Anyway, in that environment, Michael Bayer, who wrote most of, maintains, and supports SQLAlchemy, single-handedly answers nearly every question on the mailing list. His answers inform, but also point the question asker to places where he or she can learn even more past the answer to the initial question.

I use SQLAlchemy and I really like it, but past that, it’s great to see Michael be such a great resource to the community surrounding the product.


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