Racism Still Exists? GASP!

Is it me or is the rest of the country just ignorant to the fact that rich white kids in the South are, for the most part, racist. That’s not to say that they are bigots. They may not act on that racism against other races, but they certainly think it.

Take this story on CNN, Racist Party at Clemson. They seem almost breathless that white kids might be insensitive on MLK, Jr. day. As a graduate of a southern state school, I can guarantee that those kids knew exactly what they were doing. They were intentionally exhibiting stereotypes of black people in an attempt to belittle and mock MLK, Jr. day. Some of it might have been motivated by a misplaced sense of hipster irony, but the majority of it was that they simply don’t see anything wrong with what they were doing.

What bothers me most is not the racism itself (that cause is far beyond my ability to solve for anyone other than myself and those I deal with), but the fact that journalists and others around the country seem so surprised. In that same vein, CNN is also showing some video coverage of the “E-Gate scandal” out in Seattle. The tone of the whole thing seems to be surprise and mocking horror.

I wonder what world these people live in that they see such little racism around them. It’s hard to avoid in the news, in commercials, and in almost all media. How can these people not be aware of the huge undercurrent of racial tension in this country? How can they not see that the poor and the minorities are still being walked on, even in the military, where they serve as cannon fodder while only hoping to make a step up the ladder.

Where does this surprise come from?

  1. Miranda

    Well hun it is the south. An they ( mostly anyways) think that they are a seperate country.

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