Yonder Mountain String Band

Woohoo! I just bought tickets to see Yonder Mountain String Band at City Hall in downtown Nashville. This is in addition to the TV On the Radio show I bought tickets for a few days ago.

Unfortunately, I had to use Ticketmaster. So, for $40 worth of tickets, I ended up paying $62.50. That’s more than 50% in fees and taxes. It’s absolute highway robbery. It’s $6.95 per ticket, plus tax, plus a nebulous $4.95 charge for something, and then $2.50 to EMAIL me the tickets. That charge to email something is just amazing, especially considering that they put ads in the files which they email.

It’s a testament to Yonder Mountain String Band’s draw that I would put up with Ticketmaster’s bullshit. Why can’t someone take these guys out of the market?

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