Children of Men Intensely Haunting

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There is already a chorus of great criticism for Children of Men. Metacritic is showing a score of 85. RottenTomatoes is showing a score of 93. I will add my voice to that chorus after seeing the film this evening. Alfonso Cuaron’s take on the P.D. James novel is disturbing, heartbreaking, frightening, and awe-inspiring. There are virtuosic moments surrounded by profound and deeply affecting thematic insights.

With inspired camera control and acting of such a perfect tone, the film immediately pulls you into the dystopian vision it creates. That vision is present in every scene, yet never seems heavy-handed. It merely seems like the terrifying reality that it is. The fascist government of this future creeps in at the corner of every frame. Within this fully-realized society on the brink of chaos, we are met with the spark of humanity and we will do anything to see it protected.

Cuaron easily balances the high-concept political themes with the amazingly realistic scenes of random and explosive violence at its mindless height. When the film might devolve into a mindless action movie, Cuaron pauses and presents us with another nugget of the beautifully horrible possibilities facing the characters. That is, the action is always tempered with moments where the viewer is allowed to contemplate how frighteningly possible this future is.

I’m trying not to give too much away here, so I won’t go into plot details or ruin some of the amazing moments in this film. All I can do is beg you to go see it.

  1. It really seems to be a movie that people absolutely love or totally hate. Not much middle ground. Personally, I loved it and reviewed it a couple of months ago:

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