John Edwards Announces Campaign for President

He broke all the rules with his announcement. I loved every minute of it.

I really thought Tom Vilsack had something going with his video blog. In fact, I am still rapt when I see it pop up in my news reader. However, John Edwards has really grasped the idea of the grassroots and letting the citizens lead his campaign.

With his downbeat demeanor, yet his insistence on hope, Edwards makes for a compelling candidate for many all along the political spectrum. I can’t wait to see his energizing message sweep across the nation. With Saddam Hussein’s execution today, his punch might be somewhat limited, but it’s impossible to stop a message like this. Even if you disagree with the message, it’s powerful to see how his different approach has seemingly woken up the progressive voter base.

You will have noticed that I am not taking a neutral journalistic approach here. I am supporting Edwards for President and I will try to be circumspect in what I cover. Like all really good citizens, I am excited by his message, but I am also aware of being led by the nose. In other words, there is still a margin of cynicism that I will use to keep Edwards and his campaign honest to the best of my abilities.

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