Fedora Core Eats My Soul

After my Windows installation become flaky, I finally decided to make the full-time jump to a Linux OS on my laptop. I have used Linux for years in the server environment and have toyed with it on the desktop. Part of me was just bored I guess, but I took the leap.

I’ll write up more later, I’m sure, but the two biggest issues by far have been wireless LAN drivers. This mess with running Windows drivers through ndiswrapper is ridiculous. I do have it working though 🙂 It only took me an entire day of reading, testing, experimenting, and self-flagellating. The other problem is that I still haven’t gotten my sound working, which means no music on the laptop 😦 I made a post on FedoraForum, but it has no responses as of this posting.

The major positive impression I have this far is that it is so much faster than Windows. Apps start faster, even Java ones, and everything just seems to be more stable. There’s more of my journey coming up later.

Any recommendations on a 3-pane RSS reader? I tried Liferea, but I like the panes to be side-by-side not on top of one another. It didn’t seem to have the option to change. For reference, I loved Feeddemon on XP, so something that approximates that functionality would be cool.

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