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Careers and Goals

There’s been a tumult in my life recently. I haven’t written much about it here because it’s extremely personal, but it has distilled itself into a 30-year-old’s search for meaning. Yeah, that cheesy moment where you realize the dreams of your youth are just that and you begin to wonder what you really want to do with your life.

For me, it’s involved a lot of job searching, which personally, is soul-searching. I am willing to move just about anywhere for the right job. One problem I have is that my interests are so varied that a lot of occupations interest me. As a web developer by trade, an educator by heart, and a writer by passion, I find a lot of positive aspects in almost any given position.

Just now, I was looking at ESPN and as someone who loves college football, I thought to myself, “self, that would be a cool place to work.” The trouble or the beauty, depending on your perspective, is that I don’t own a house, don’t have kids, don’t have family where I live, so there are few ties to hold me down. Only the interest and well-being of my wife are at stake. It’s a conundrum with which I find myself wrestling daily.

I wonder why I can’t just be one of those people who goes to the factory every day, does his eight hours of borking widgets and comes home.

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