Canceling Vonage

It’s nigh impossible to cancel your Vonage account. I want to say at the outset that I never had a problem with the Vonage service. The quality was always good and I enjoyed all of the features that they offer. With the recent hullabaloo over the guy who was trying to cancel his AOL account, I thought their customer service might have gotten the message.

However, I spent ten minutes telling the guy I just want to cancel my account. He kept trying to sell me on keeping it. He was offering me lower and lower rates, giving me reasons why I should keep it. What I really wanted him to do was to just cancel the damn account.

Add to this the frustration of my having sat on hold for 30 minutes just to talk to the guy. That 30 minutes came after spending 15 minutes telling a first person what my issue was only to be transfered and have to go through the account verification process all over again. I was getting sucked into the customer service hell that Dell has become known for all over the web recently.

I understand that companies want to hold on to customers. Why, though, when I tell them that I like their service, that I recommend it to friends, but that I need to cancel at the moment, why don’t they just do what I ask? I have been a Vonage customer for almost 18 months. It’s clear that I appreciated the service. Why alienate me at the moment of our last contact?

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  1. kirandeep

    I subscribed to Vonage to save money.

    Voice quality wasnt that good, I wanted to cancel after few months, but was told there is a $39 cancelation charge, if I canceled before end of 1 year.

    After i year of service, I called to cancel and was told that i would have to wait 13 billing cycles, and was told to call on day after 13th billing cycle ended.

    Now I called … they canceled my account BUT
    they have allready charged me for the 14th month.

    Now they refuse to refund me a full month of charge that I didnt use, that they have allready charged me for upfront.



  2. Jo Jo the Dog-faced Boy

    Vonage has a good service, but their cancellation policies are criminal. Here’s what took me 45 minutes of actually talking to the guy to find out.

    When you take the service, you agree to 12 months of service, or face a $40 cancellation fee. Fine. However, you cannot actually cancel until the anniversary date! You cannot call beforehand and say “Cancel this when my 12 months is up.”

    “So what is the big deal?” you might ask. Here is the big deal. They bill you for the 13th month at the stroke of midnight on your anniversary date.

    Here’s what I have done – don’t know if it will work. Remember now – I have paid them for their 12 months. I have gone in and changed the expiration date on my card to the wrong date. It should not go through. Then I will call and cancel as they require, on the anniversary date.

    We shall see. The most ridiculous cancellation policy in history. Sheesh.

  3. I was furious when they told me I cannot cancel my service without $40 penalty till after they charge me the 13 th month. I’ve never had some shameless service. Please tell all your friends to keep away from Vonage.

  4. Dave

    I spent and HOUR AND A HALF cancelling my vonage account AND getting back the thirteenth month charge. I signed with Vonage up last November and never used it because can’t port my local number to them {I use my phone for my service business).
    I tried to cancel the last week of a 1 year service contract and was told the early cancellation charge would be applied. I then cancelled the day after and was charged an additional month because I was “late” cancelling! I went through 8 people before I got the right answer (we will recind the charges). The charge has not yet been restored to my credit card but, I’m hopeful. Do business with Vonage at your peril! Once they get your money, they hold on to it like a pitbull! Caveat Emptor, Buyer Beware!

  5. Jimbo

    I have an old pay card from my old job that I have 5 bucks on. If something tries to debit my account for more than 5 dollars then it will be decline.

    So when I get ready to cancel I just change my billing info.

  6. Required

    AS many of you know you should ALL LEARN to read the TOS before signing up a service. So none of the “surprises” of canceling come about. There is no excuse for your LACK of reading of a TOS.

    • Sharyn

      You cannot be held to TOS when the provider DOES NOT DISCLOSE FULLY !!! Vonage did not provide me with a hard copy of the contract, nor tell me where I could find the contract online. Vonage did not tell me I could not use their service with WiFi-which is the only way I connect my home phone and the only way I have connected my home phone for the past 5 years. Now I am stuck in a contract and have a home phone that only works once in a while.

  7. Just so you all know, the comment from “Required” came from “*”. Looks like the Vonage folks are trying to quell the discontent and they won’t even give their name when they do it.

  8. kang

    I had Vonage for year. I lost service every time there was a power glitch. I have to reboot my cable modem and vonage modem in a sequence to make it work. Quality some times was not good as it had walkie talkie feel. I switched to another carrier. Suddenly I realized I am not getting calls form certain friends. Found out that I cannot receive calls from vonage customers. I called vonage and it took me 45 minutes to cancel as they keep asking questions. I was persistant that I have already transferred my carrier so i do not need their services. I had to pay cancellation fee plus extra month service fee. It seemed that they were testing my patience so that I can agree for continue their services.

  9. Blue Tooth

    This is a great company if you want bad service, irrating calls to people you can’t understand, broken English,and delay tactics. They must hire the best sooth-sayers that money can buy to try to keep you as a customer. I was a customer for only one day. Vonage is barely above using smoke signals. Never did find the $90.00 fee she said was in the fine print…even using my glasses and a magnifying glass!

  10. lovinlogliven

    Just had a 45 minute yelling match with Vonage. Just signed up end of Dec 2006, vonage and ISP could never get the service to work properly on my line. Asked to cancel after a month and 1/2 of troubleshooting, was told I would be charged a $90 cancellation fee if I cancel right then and to call back in 30 days and the cancellation fee would be nothing. Called back in 30 days, went through the same CRAP and then was told that I had to wait ANOTHER 30 days to cancel or I would be charged the $90. I argued the fact that I was told this same thing a month ago and was told to call back, they argued with me and basically called me a liar.

    I asked for a manager and was told there really is no one else to talk to, I insisted on speaking with a manager and was given off to more than likely another operator just trying to appease me. I asked them to check their recorded phone calls since I have the exact time and date that I called and they will see that I was told 30 days. The acct rep’s so called manager refused. He told me to cancel if I wish and just fight the credit card company for the money back… THESE PEOPLE ARE CROOKS! I reported them to the Better Business Bureau as well as the FCC.

  11. Jeff Griffith

    Just like the rest, DO NOT USE VONAGE unless you plan to be a member for life, because it is nearly impossible to cancel. Their customer service people are rude, unhelpful, and they intentionally make it nearly impossible to cancel their service. I went to cancel vonage because I really just do not use my home phone only my cell phone. Due to this experience I will tell everyone I know to not use Vonage, hopefully they will get the message, and hopefully I will be able to cancel my account since I’m still on hold for the 3rd time. Wish me luck!

  12. Marta Kozel

    I spent about two months trying to cancel my Vonage phone. Every time I called I waited on hold for about 20 to 30 minutes. I called at different times during the day. Their message always said they had an unusual large number of calls waiting. After two months I decided to wait whatever long it will take. It took about one hour of waiting on hold plus about 10 additional minutes on the phone trying to get the representative to understand that I no longer needed the service. My service was OK and I would have consider using them again if I had the need but after my bad experience canceling the service I would NEVER consider using their service again.

  13. Jessica McDowell

    On March 23, 2007 I called vonage requesting service from them because I thought that the service would save me more money than my current provider at&t. well they informed me that I will receive a package from them in a couple of days and I paid I don’t recall the fee to connect but I paid it off of my debit card, well the very next day I received a call from vonage saying that they could not connect the service because my internet and my phone was on the same line and I would have to call att to ask for a seperate line, I told them that I was not going to go through all of that so I just was not going to get the service, needless to say I haven’t heard anything else from them, I receive voice messages through my emails but they were for some customer named lopez, so I assumed that they had the wrong email address. Well I called them in april of 2007 asking them why I keep getting these messages on my email but they are not for me. The representative then told me that she would have to listen to the calls because she did not know why that was happening, She then told me that my bill was due…..I replied WHAT BILL!!!!! she said for your service in the amount of 30.47 I told her I don’t have service with you, so what are you talking about? She said yes, you do I said no I don’t you guys told me that you could not offer the service unless I got a second phone line she then asked me did I receive the package I told her NO!!! she said well I see that the package was received by a receptionest, Well I said I’m not a receptionest so I did not receive the package, And I was not expecting one since you could not process the order. she said I understand I will note your acct so that you will not be responsible for the charges on acct, But never did she tell me that they were taking the money out of my acct already, Now on July 17, 2007 I open my bank statement and notice a charge from vonage I immediately called them about the charges She informed me that this is for my acct. I asked what acct she said that my acct has been set up since March so this made me go back and look at my bank statements and they have been taking out money from my acct since March over $120.00 worth I asked her how could they take money out of my acct w/o my permission she said because this is the way vonage bill you I asked her If I could hear the recording agreeing to let them take money out of my acct. I even asked If I’m a customer than Why haven’t I been receiving an invoice from You? she replied we have paperless billing OK then tell me when have you sent me and invoice online she couldn’t answer my question I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that there was not a supervisor that I could talk too. I would need to call the acct management team and there hours are from 9-8 mon-fri.. so I called them at 8:58am on Mon and spoke to acct management who told me that there is nothing that they could do for me they could not reverse the charges and to cancel they will charge me $89.95 to cancel so needless to say I am HOT right now, How can you charge me to cancel service that I don’t have. I asked her to speak to her supervisor she told me tht she did not have one but I can call the corporate offices and tell them. because she can not give me my money back, I called corporate offices and left message for the ceo and no response, CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!

  14. Kao Nou THaoAcct.1004991027

    Please terminate this account immediately. I was put on hold twice and got disconnected twice after waiting for over 45 minutes each time just to cancel my account. I had enough problems with your company! Both my phone and internet have been giving me problem since day one back in November. I don’t want to continue to pay for the service that I cannot use anymore. Please write to confirm my termination request today. Thank you .

  15. Kao Nou Thao: I don’t work for Vonage. If you would read the blog post, you’d see that I had just as much trouble as you.

    That said, the fact that you asked me to cancel your account really makes me laugh.

  16. ***vonage***

    3.6 Disconnection Fee (Does Not Apply to Business Plus Customers). You will be charged a disconnection fee of $39.99 per voice line if your Service is disconnected, subject to applicable state and local laws. However, if your Service was activated on or after February 1, 2007 and is disconnected after two (2) years following your activation date, the disconnection fee is waived. If your Service was activated on or before January 31, 2007, the disconnection fee is waived if your Service is disconnected one (1) year following your activation date

  17. ***vonage***

    and heres how you woul get your $$ back —
    3.7 Money Back Guarantee; Limitations and Conditions.

    (a) Residential, Vonage Office Anywhere™ and Small Business Customers. We offer a thirty (30) day money back guarantee (“Money Back Guarantee”) from the date your Service is activated (different periods may apply for Retail Customers). The Money Back Guarantee applies only to the first-ordered line per account, not to additional or secondary lines. We will refund the activation fee, the Service charge for the first Service Term, shipping charges and the $39.99 disconnection fee provided that:
    The Money Back Guarantee period only applies to the initial line ordered on your account, additional lines are excluded;
    you have not exceeded 250 minutes of usage (500 minutes for Retail Customers);
    Service is cancelled within the first thirty (30) days following the activation of the Service and activation occurs when you place your order for service; you purchased the Device at, we receive the Device is in original condition, reasonable wear and tear excluded, within fourteen (14) days of cancellation of your Service;

    You return proof of purchase with the Device, with the UPC or bar code intact, together with the original packaging, all parts, accessories, and documentation;
    prior to returning the Device to us, you obtain a valid return authorization number from our customer care department, which can be reached at or 1-VONAGE-HELP; and

  18. Please notice that the above two comments come from someone at Vonage.

  19. Torgo

    Ahh … my Vonage service is finally disconnected.

    I was a long, long, LOOONG time Vonage user, started in April 2003. Vonage was relativley new at the time, but for the most part it worked well. Whenever I had a problem, I would call up and almost immediatley get a helpful person who might even credit me some time. I thought it was great!

    Well as time went on, Vonage service got a bit worse, slowly. The monthly taxes got a bit more and more as well. And the customer service response times were slower and to be quite honest not too helpful, given that I am generally talking to a person 5000 miles away that doesn’t speak English barely… I suppose the guys in New Jersey cost too much to employ, so off to India!

    In the past 5 weeks, my Vonage service had gone from “Sucks” to Sucks really really bad” … and everytime I would call in I would wait 20 – 40 minutes to talk to a person who I could barely hear – or understand – and then finally get transferred.. to a dial tone!!! It never failed, any transfers would result in me losing the call.

    Today I finally had had enough. Along with a mystery charge they put on my credit card for not returning a router they sent me to help with a probelm (the router was not the problem and the rep said I didnt need to send it back anyhow – so I am keeping all the routers and reverse the charge on the card) I called up to cancel.

    I hope no one else ever has to go thru the hoops I had to go thru just to cancel… first of all, it took 35 minutes to get a rep on the line, who then transferred me to retention. Where I waited another 15 minutes. Then the person absolutley REFUSED to let me cancel before reading me a very very long list of options besides cancelling. I don’t recall how many times I said “Look just cancel the service!!!” but it was more than 10. IT tooke me total of 3 dropped calls and over 2 hours to complete this.

    Finally the service ended up cancelled. I was sad in a way. I embraced and even promoted Vonage up til about 6 months ago. The last 2 or 3 months with them has been absolutley unbearable. I am glad its over.

    As a side note, I signed up with AT&T Callvantage service today. To test them, I called tech support and got a person within 2 minutes. Called back and got a billing rep within 3 minutes. Both spoke English and were polite. And the call didn’t get dropped. This was all during peak call times.

    Here is hoping that Vonage disappears, and that AT&T does a better job.

  20. Drew

    Vonage is horrible. HORRIBLE. I have been trying to cancel my line for 3 months now. I have been on hold for the better part of 14 total hours in those 3 months. You are never talking to the person who can actually TURN OFF the account. It’s always someone who doesnt speak english well and they constantly loop you to the next person, then the next, then the next until you just get pissed off enough that you hang up. Well today I’ve had it!! I called the BBB, the FTC, the FCC and Ohio State Atty Generals office. They all took my complaint. I then called my bank and found out it would cost me 25 dollars to bounce back their charges…well, their charges are 24 dollars. So to bounce it back to them I have to pay an additional dollar.. No thanks. Now I just want to see them OUT OF BUSINESS. I never had a problem with their service before, it worked great for me for 18 months. I just dont need it anymore. I would have used them again in the future, but now I hope every single one of them burns in hell.

  21. tired of vonage in KC

    I cancelled one day after my billing cycle began, and they won’t give back the prorated amount. Then they said I could cancel at the end of this period (and I assumed that meant it would automatically cancel). NOOO. They say I had to call back! What? All these fancy systems and they can’t schedule a cancellation. They were hoping I would forget. Then they charge a disconnect fee. What a joke. Anyone recommend who I should call for this? I am thinking about charging them back the cancellation fee with AMEX. Their policy is criminal.

  22. Scotty

    VONAGE IS TERRIBLE!! I have been trying to cancel for over a month. Call back due to high call volume or wait 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours. I finally got right through today with no wait, why you ask, their systems were updating, 2:30 in a Wednesday afternoon! The fellow who spoke poor English, took my name, I let him know I wanted to cancel my account as I had lost my high speed access. He told me their systems are updating and to call back in one hour or so. I told him politely no I could not do that as I was calling from a friends home. Could he at least give me an address to send the gateways He said he could not do that and how could he possibly cancel an account with the system down. I said you could take down my information on paper, do the work on the account, give me your name and I will call you tomorrow. Can’t do that, call back in one hour. I said this time a FIRM no. I told him I had called for over a month, early in the morning, late afternoon, evening and got wait times of 30 minutes or more. I am not tying a friends phone up waiting for that long. I have e-mailed customer care and got the run around and was told in the end call the 866 number. I asked once again for the address to send the gates, I am not allowed to do that without canceling your account, call back in an hour or so.

    They offer the world to you to get you to join. You do, you follow the rules, need to cancel the account and forget it. Luckily I have nothing on my card so I canceled the account so they won’t try and get me for charges.

    I had planned to go back, but not anymore.

  23. Drew (not the same as above)

    So I just called in to cancel…after 2 months of attempting to cancel. We tried in May and they wouldn’t accept my wife cancelling because her name wasn’t on the account. Ok. Fair enough. So I was finally able to call in to cancel myself. This is not going to be a popular blog as my experience was not as horrible as above. I called in at 10am on a Monday. So it was understandable that I sat in a queue for 20 minutes. When the guy answered he was polite and asked my why I was cancelling. I told him the service was fine and that I just didn’t want it anymore as we were switching to cell phones full time. He actually didn’t try to sell me on anything else…and just cancelled the account. He was pleasant to talk to and since I was past my 12 month mark told me I wouldn’t have a disconnect fee. All in all it wasn’t as bad as dealing with other companies…AOL. Now those people are TOOLS.

  24. Kmacdenver

    this is a nightmare to use and then cancel – I will never recommend Vonage…in fact I will go out of my way to make people NOT use Vonage…I am sitting on the phone after 45 minutes still arguing and trying to cancel the service.
    I can’t believe that they are able to get away for charging for a service when it doesn’t work – evidently they are not regulated.

  25. Larry

    I too was a loyal Vonage customer. I’ve been with them for several months and have been relatively happy with thier service. However, we recently moved and I decided I wanted to cancel the service. As most other posters have mentioned, that is when I entered Vonage hell. More precisely, once you click the “I want to cancel my service” menu option you enter Vonage hell. Even the voice mail tree is friendly until you choose the “cancel” option – then you get the message “we are experience a high level of calls and your hold time may be longer”. It was – much longer – and then it sounded like the call may be transferred and – whoopsie – conveniently dropped. I don’t know if I will ever get my service cancelled.

    I now hate Vonage and hope they lose every patent lawsuit from here on out. They deserve to go out of business. I really wish a class action suit could be filed against them. Everyone that reads this blog should also contact the BBB to file a complaint.

    Let this be a warning to anyone considering Vonage for the first time. You may get cheap calls and pretty good phone service, but keep in mind that you are selling your soul to the Vonage devil.

  26. mary

    I had Vonage..and it was like dealing with a bunch of con artists. First I bought the equipment…the service never worked properly. I tried to cancel after 1 week they came up with some obscure notation that I would have to pay an additional $100 to do so. I found out later that Ithis was not true and they said this in order to keep me as a customer. The terms of use posted on their site seem to change. There is no trying it to see if you like it as they say.I wound up having it for an entire year…finally I could deal with it no more, I called to cancell and they said I had to notify them via email that I wanted to cancel. This was after being on hold for an hour, on the cancellation line. I did both.
    It is clear in my dealing with them and their response in making me jump through the hoops in order for them to return money that they are not entitled to are soley designed for them to to force you to give up. This has to be unlawful. I never did get the first withdrawal back..they seem confused that I would be entitled to a refund…now they say it has been to long a time to get the first refund back.
    I checked on the Internet and there are hundreds of stories like mine. I should have checked earlier…I would have maybe avoided this con game.
    It is all such a shock that this kind of thing can go on here, but it is sadly happening more and more often.
    If ever there is cause for a class action law suit it’s this one, I would think.
    Today they charged my count again, they do not seem to have documented any cancellation, I called and had refund discussions again, even though I spoke to supervisor Jennifer #26243, this is just unbelievable. I had to cancel my credit card finally.

  27. mahesh

    I booted Vonage and went with Comcast. Vonage continues to charge me for the a service they are no longer providing. My phone number got ported to comcast and vonage still charges my card. I called them 4 times and vonage says I should have called and cancelled. But the account is cancelled when my number gets ported to another provider so they rely on you to call vonage again.
    VONAGE REALLY SUCKS! DO NOT USE VONAGE. Pay the extra fees with another provider. You get what you pay for I guess. I also am disputing my credit card charges. I the credit card company does not credit me, I will cancel the card.

  28. Josh

    I think I found a trick to canceling Vonage. When you call and they ask if there was problems with the service you say. No. When they ask if there is anything they can do to keep you you just say no. When they ask why are you canceling you just say you are switching to another service. Every time they try a sales trick to get you to stay you just say “Please just cancel my account.” I spent 25 mins on hold and 5 mins talking to a person to cancel my account. Questions email me at I know its sounds simple you just have to be persistent.

  29. Sandra

    Vonage is the service from Hell!!! I activated the service 6/21/07. I have a business, and I was told that I could use my 4-line phones, that I could fax from each office and from the computer. I was told that all four offices can use their phones and fax simultaneously. I was also told that if a customer calls our office that all four phones will ring, and if one line is busy, that the calls will rollover to another line. It is now 9/5/07 and I have yet to have any service what so ever. I have called Vonage on several occasions trying to get this resolved. I have had technician after technician come out. Vonage even sent one of theirs out. Guess what, I still don’t have service, but they have no problem billing me monthly for a service I can have. Not only that, for some reason, each phone number is a separate account. Guess what that means, if I try and cancel they will bill me $95.00 for each of those three lines to disconnect. Disconnect a service I don’t have. There has been no activity on those accounts since June 2007!!! The wont credit me any money for non-service. The tech that came out said “Vonage lied to me and I should have not been told I could be provided the service they promised”! I have yet to cancel or have any service. At present, they are sending out the same installation company again to try again. This should be rich!! Anyway, I am interested in getting a class action suit against Vonage. I have learned that the BBB has delisted them because of the unanswered customer complaints. I have heard from many people about this dissatisfaction. If anyone has a surefire way of getting out of this, let me know! They won’t let me cancel, and yet they won’t provide me the service promised.

  30. Jonathan

    I got Vonage back when the hype was so big about 2 years ago. A friend who I trusted reccommended the change. So I called them and asked for service. Now, admittedly, I do not know much about technology, so anything they told me about the technology involved, I was prepared to believe. I told them that my phone service and my DSL were bundled, and wondered whether cancelling my phone service would cause my DSL to be canceled as well. The guy on the phone told me that there would be absolutely no problem with canceling my phone service with my carrier, and that the DSL would continue to operate as usual. Even better, Vonage agreed to contact my previous carrier themselves to cancel my service.

    So I gave in, and within 2-3 weeks: A.) My vonage stuff came, B.) My old phone line was cut off, C.) my DSL was cut off, D.) I was therefore unable to use Vonage. I called Vonage to ask them about that, and the customer service rep told me that I had to go out and get an ISP from someone. I told them I already had an ISP from my previous carrier. Then the Vonage Rep told me that any DSL with the previous carrier would be canceled with the phone line, and that I’d have to go out and find another carrier.

    Then the real fun began. I told them to forget it, and I wanted to cancel. They transferred me to that department, where I proceeded to have a 45 minute argument with someone over there about the cancellation fee. I figured that since the Rep had lied to me about my DSL service continuing, essentially taking advantage of my lack of computer knowledge, they could hardly hold me to the cancellation fee. Finally, they agreed to waive the fee, and cancel my service.

    I also called up my previous provider, and told them I wanted my service back.

    Next month rolled around and I got billed again. So I called up and told them that they couldn’t bill me because I had already cancelled the service. They basically called me a liar and we proceeded to have the same conversation as I had had the previous month, with the same result.

    Then the next month, I was billed AGAIN!! The same thing happened this time, except that I gave in about the cancellation fee… I couldnt’ take it anymore.

    Then I got billed again!

    So I called my credit card company. As you may know, they don’t actually send a bill. They charge your credit card. I told them the whole story, and the Rep over there told me not to worry, and that they would take care of everything. He assured me that the credit card company was experienced at taking care of “little companies like that.” I was impressed. They lived up to their word, so in the final outcome, I ended up paying Vonage $0. The credit card company got everything back. I was impressed!

  31. Amy

    I tried to cancel within the 60 days. It took me three calls and over 2 hours of argueing plus $89 in fees. They do not comply with their written terms of service, but the customer is expected to?

    Very poor customer service, very poor business practices, and hopefully a company soon to be out of business.

    Here is another blog with some suggestions on complaining to FCC, FTC, BBB, and the Attorney General.

  32. andy

    Vonage is modernity at its best and sophistry at its worst. I’ve had the same experience as all of the above. Shameless. And might I add that Skype costs 1/10 of the price of Vonage for virtually the same service but without the extortion, lies, bribes, and Indonesian phone sales sweatshops?

  33. andy

    Vonage wrote: AS many of you know you should ALL LEARN to read the TOS before signing up a service. So none of the “surprises” of canceling come about. There is no excuse for your LACK of reading of a TOS.

    Right. Forget about trying to argue with Vonage on their own terms. This is a perfect example of their attitude. They will lie to you, screw you, and then blame you for it. Just warn everyone you know about the scam that is Vonage, and let them hang themselves on their own rope.

  34. jaislo

    What a company of thieves. Sad thing is, I liked Vonage. I just decided to cancel the service for my own reasons, two months ago. I recommended them to people.

    They are a bunch of crooks. It cant make money off its service so this is the only way they can get cash flow. When I read this it amazes me that the fee that they charged is always exactly what they owe you. What a bunch of crooks.

  35. Buddy

    True words about Vonage. No problem at all with the service. Figured when I could I would start up service with them again, but after what they put me through I wouldn’t take the service for free.

    I kept telling the idiot on the other end of the line that I didn’t HAVE ANY MONEY and that I have to cancel the service because I AM BROKE and that no matter what cheaper service they offered I couldn’t AFFORD it because I DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY so CANCEL the account NOW so I can use my money to by FOOD.

    I don’t think they ever really got the idea.


  36. Tracy

    I tried Vonage because there is a 60 day money back guarentee. So I paid 44.95 for set up and am not able to use it because I have a sattelite internet service that does not have a fast enough upload speed. I could switch to a higher package, but then would not save any money and would have the added inconvenience of chaning my phone number and no telephone if the internet or power is out.

    I called to cancel my vanage within 20 days. Now I have to pay the 39.99 cancellation fee in order to cancel even though I have a money back guarentee and they already have more than that from me. Supposedly when I send back the equipment I will get a refund of the initial cost and the cancellation fee. I was told this by the person I spoke to when cancelling. I do not trust this company due to this crooked policy and will be surprised to get my money back. Either way if I ever got a more compatable internet service I will never go back to them like I had originally planned. I am telling everyone who will listen not to get suckered into this service.

  37. Amy

    I wonderful person named Michelle posted this number in a different blog. The DIRECT NUMBER to VONAGE ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT (888-288-7435)!! I.E. Who you have to clal to cancel an account. This direct # ended a three week nightmare for me! I don’t know how she managed to get that number, but I am hoping to post it all over the internet. I did not read reviews before signing up for service, but I figured out there were problems after I placed my order. So, I called to cancel the same day and they refused to cancel, shipped out equipment, charged my credit card anyway. It was a three week nightmare with about 10 emails and 7 phone calls (all of which are 30 minutes minimum). This all finally ended today thanks to the wonderful person that posted their direct number. So, to all others having Vonage problems, skip all the other #’s and call this one. It is immediately answered by a live person, no voice prompt hell, no long hold times, and transfers from dept to dept. If you are here you probably know what I mean. This goes directly to one of the people that can cancel an account. Of course, even after I went on a tirade explaining all the problems I had canceling my account, this moron insisted on going into a sales speech and insisted that their service is great and I should at least try it. Did I want internet, etc? I couldn’t believe it and had to continually insist that I want NOTHING from Vonage but a refund and my account canceled. After about 5 minutes, she gave up and canceled the account. I have learned that you have to be FIRM even rude to get these people to stop the harassment. Also, as an added bonus, I filed a complaint with the FCC prior to trying to call again. The link is: for all who have given up and need to file an FCC complaint. I believe I will get my refund, but I didn’t think I would when I filed the complaint. AVOID VONAGE! This is the worst pack of liars and thieves I have ever encountered! It almost seems like a cult of brainwashed sales agents that are in fear of their lives if they cancel an account. By the way, I believe if you are persistent enough and make enough threats, you can get your money back. I have a “refund” invoice to prove it. Of course, I have filed a dispute with my credit card company. I don’t actually expect Vonage to process the refund they promised, but I have sufficient proof from Vonage to have the credit company reverse the charges.

  38. Bryan Carl

    I’ve been trying to cancel my Vonage service for 3 1/2 months now. They verify me as the account holder, and as soon as I state I want to cancel they forget my name, Calling me random names, then hanging up on me. I now *owe* for three months and they say I have to pay this.

    I’ve been trying to cancel. The equipment hasn’t been hooked up since I started trying to cancel and I’m willing to pay to ship it back to you.

    Vonage you suck. You know I haven’t used the service, You know I’ve been trying to cancel, Yet you won’t cancel it and you keep charging me.

    Vonage you suck.

  39. buzzer

    I am another former Vonage user who continues to be charged for service I no longer use. After speaking with a banker, I learned a few things: first, never set up a long term payment authorization on a credit card; use a checking account instead. The bank can halt a recurring charge to you checking account but not your credit (or debit) card. Secondly, unauthorized charges may be challanged by contacting your credit card company and disputing the charges.

    I find a lack of business ethics in the implementation of a policy which knowly (Vonage is contacted by your new company to change your number) charges for a service not rendered and making it very difficult to stop payment. On my part, I plan to tell as many people (I work with over 1000) as I can about this experience. I wonder at some point if a law firm may look into the possibility of a class action?

    On the other hand, that may be similar to “beating a dead horse.”

  40. phillr

    Same problem as many. I canceled but they kept billing. I called Amex, reported the charges as fraudulent and had them block all charges from vonage.

  41. Scott

    Canceled 6 months ago. Still getting billed. I wonder if Vonage is sponsoring terrorism with their ill gotten gains.

  42. Rinda

    Can you say insane and illegal? Due to a military move, I started calling all my utility providers about two weeks ago to cancel services. On 11 Feb 08 I called to cancel my vonage service. After about 40 min on the phone going through the harassment from the rep on the phone he tells me about the $39.99 cancellation fee. He informed me that if I wait until 17 Feb 08, when I hit my one year mark, then I won’t be required to pay the cancellation fee. Ok cool, no problem. I called back today since I will move in two days. After 20 mins waiting on someone to answer the phone I get another 40 min of arguing back and forth with the rep that I was previously told if I waiting until after my one year mark then I will not have to pay the disconnect fee. I beg him to listen to the previous call because I knew it was recorded and he persisted to tell me he could not do that. With much yelling I begged to speak to a supervisor. He kept insisting that he is as high as it gets. I told him that everyone has a supervisor and I’m sure he does as well. He tried telling me that I’d have to speak to the president of the company. At this point I was pretty much hysterical. After another 10 min of him trying to keep my service with 2 free months he finally transferred me to another individual who was no more helpful. She just apologized that I was given incorrect information on 11 Feb but there was nothing she could do about it. Now I know if legal were to get involved in this sort of thing, then I would totally be in the right. This time of scam just banks that the customer will just suck up the $39.99 fee and not seek legal counsel. Something has got to be done! I will definitely see what can be done. The evidence is there that I was told I would not receive the fee if waiting until after 17 Feb!!!

  43. Jamie

    Vonage service is just plain horrible. The person on the end of the phone could not hear me for half of the conversations and I would get disconnected every 5 minutes from my online games. I decided to get rid of them and then just use my cell phone and buy my wife a cell phone. After reading all the difficulties that people experience trying to cancel Vonage, I got myself prepared. I thought how could any customer service representative rebuttal me and try to stop me from canceling my Vonage service if I told them the reason I am cancelling is because the service was purchased for my mother who just died yesterday and now I need to cancel since I am moving in with my brother who already had phone service and I had a cell phone and that in about a year when I get my own place to live I would come back to Vonage because they provided me with great service. (Please note my mother did not die, I had to use this excuse because I was desperate to get this cancellation done within 60 minutes)

    Here is what happened. I made the call to Vonage and I finally got through after a ridiculous 40 minute wait. (I used a cell phone to call that had a speaker phone on it, that way I was not tempted to kill myself with such a horrible wait). The representative spoke broken English. She verified my account information and luckily I remembered my pin number. I told her my situation about my mother and I started choking up on the phone pretending my mom just died. The representative did not seem to care and rebuttable me and tried to convince me that I needed not to cancel and keep my number. I told her that I am in mourning about my mother and I felt that she was not being sensitive to my feelings of the death of my mother and now I was never going to come back as a customer and she should be ashamed of herself. She tried rebutting me for a few more minutes, I started to pretend to cry. She then gave up and cancelled my service.

    Honestly, I feel a little ashamed that I had to lie and use such a story but I had to get this cancelled. It is such a shame that you have to do things like this against companies like Vonage. I have cancelled credit cards, internet service providers and cell providers etc. and have never had to go through so much trouble to cancel something, Nor have read about so much difficulty somebody has to go through. Vonage you should be ashamed of yourself. This is why you will be out of business soon I promise, I can also promise you that by the end of this year I will mention how bad your customer service and product is to over 50 people. Also since I am a Website programmer and Search Engine Optimizer, I plan to unleash many bad internet articles about you that will show up high in rankings in and unless you post an apology to everyone this website for there troubles.


  44. Grooverz

    Here is a condensed, yes this is condensed, time line of my association with Vonage.

    October 9, 2004: I open a personal Vonage account. I am very satisfied with the product and refer many people to the service.

    September 8, 2006: I open a business Vonage account.

    December 8, 2006: I call to cancel the personal account because we moved to a rural area with no broadband. I got a heavy dose of the retention script. I was not happy and reminded of cancellation tactics AOL used in the early 90’s.

    August 8, 2007: Weary from the previous call to cancel my personal account, I route the call through my server to record and I call to cancel my business account until March of 2008 (new fiscal year of start up company). Again a heavy dose of relentless retention script. The CSR tells me he can put the account into “suspension” until March 2008 by minimizing the account and making it “free”. I agree, thinking I would not have to worry about the account until March of 2008. Total time on the phone – 2 hours 23 minutes.

    September 8, 2007:
    A) A charge appears on my credit card from Vonage. I make the call to customer service, again recording. After 45 minutes of being on hold a CSR answers, I explain the problem, he puts me on hold again. I wait for about another 40 minutes and have to leave the office, so I hang up. Total time on the phone – 1 hour 29 minutes.
    B) I call customer service from my cell phone and wait for over 30 minutes for a CSR to answer. I have to hang up.
    C) I call customer service from my cell phone again. I drive home, greet my family, help prepare and eat supper all the while listening to the “due to high call volume” recording over and over via the speakerphone of my cell. Total time on hold before a CSR answers – 2 hours 15 minutes. By this point I’m past being angry or upset, the customer service is so bad it’s funny.
    D) When the CSR answers I explain the situation and tell him to credit the funds back to my credit card and cancel the account. The CSR informs me my previous call was not noted in “the system” and that Vonage does not have a free service. I then spend 30 minutes literally repeating “cancel the account, cancel the account, cancel the account” in response to the droning of him reading the retention script, oblivious to my responses. My patience was exhausted, my blood pressure was rising, I was missing play time with my kids and my cell phone battery was running low. So I was suckered by the retention tactics again. He said he would credit my card back the September charges (to date has not been credited back to my card), credit my account 3 months at a time, twice (3×2=6) to settle the account until March, when I would need it again. Total time on phone – 1 hour 50 minutes . I change billing to a PayPal debit card with no balance.

    October 8, 2007: Vonage attempts to charge my card but the card has no balance. I get an email from Vonage that there was a problem receiving payment “account charge error”.

    November 8, 2007:
    A) Vonage attempts again to charge my card with no balance. I get another email about problems receiving payment.
    B) I receive a recorded message from Vonage on my cell phone to call Vonage customer support.
    C) I call and spend another 3 hours on the phone. I receive more assurances from the CSR that he will credit my account appropriately until March 2008. He would talk to his supervisor about the credit back to my credit card and the supervisor will call me back. (never received that call).

    November 9, 2007: I get an email from Vonage stating the order I placed on 11/09/2007 was cancelled at my request. I definately did not order anything.
    December 8, 2007: Vonage attempts again to charge my card with no balance. I get another email about problems receiving payment.
    December 12, 2007: Vonage attempts again to charge my card with no balance. I get another email about problems receiving payment.
    December 17, 2007: Vonage attempts again to charge my card with no balance. I get another email about problems receiving payment.
    December 20, 2007: I receive a recorded message from Vonage on my cell phone to call Vonage customer support.
    December 21, 2007: I receive a recorded message from Vonage on my cell phone to call Vonage customer support.
    December 25, 2007: Vonage attempts again to charge my card with no balance. I get another email about problems receiving payment.
    January 3, 2008: I receive a recorded message from Vonage on my cell phone to call Vonage customer support.
    January 8, 2008: Vonage attempts again to charge my card with no balance. I get another email about problems receiving payment.
    January 9, 2008: I receive a recorded message from Vonage on my cell phone to call Vonage customer support.
    January 14, 2007:
    A) Vonage attempts again to charge my card with no balance. I get another email about problems receiving payment.
    B) I receive a recorded message from Vonage on my cell phone to call Vonage customer support.
    January 21, 2008: I receive a recorded message from Vonage on my cell phone to call Vonage customer support.
    January 22, 2008: Vonage attempts again to charge my card with no balance. I get another email about problems receiving payment.
    January 28, 2008: I receive a recorded message from Vonage on my cell phone to call Vonage customer support.
    January 30, 2008: Receive an email from Vonage – Vonage Account Suspension Notice -yahoo, finally!
    February 8, 2008: Vonage attempts again to charge my card with no balance. I get another email about problems receiving payment.
    February 12, 2008: Vonage attempts again to charge my card with no balance. I get another email about problems receiving payment.
    February 19, 2008:
    A) I change backup funding for my PayPal debit card, not even thinking about Vonage.
    B) Three months of Vonage service charges and a reactivation fee are charged to my PayPal card and subsequently sucked from the backup bank account.
    C) Oooh Wee I was hot! I set about wading through the Vonage FAQ’s for a communication medium other than the phone, because I had had enough of that. I finally found the web form to submit email.
    I wrote:
    I can’t believe that this account is not closed! How many times do I
    have to call and cancel the account? My card was charged $122.27 &
    one minute later charged $10.61. I have been trying to close this
    account since September of 2007. I AM NOT calling again!! The 16
    hours I have spent on the phone with your \”customer service\” in
    the last 6 months has been a waste of my time! CANCEL THIS ACCOUNT

    Vonage replied:
    I understand you would like to cancel service and get refund of $132.88.
    As per our records, we have given a credit of $135.11 on September 7, 2007 and $80.54 on November 9, 2007. I verified our records and never see any records that you have talked to our Account Management Department for canceling your account.

    However, we are unable to process this request through email. Cancellation requests require a phone call to our Account Management Department.

    I file a complaint with the BBB of New Jersey
    Thank you for contacting BBB. Your complaint was received by BBB on February 28, 2008 and has been assigned case# xxxxxxxx in our files. Please make a note of this number for future reference.

    Your complaint has been applied to the following business:
    23 Main Street
    Holmdel, NJ 07733

    The case has been reviewed and has now been forwarded to the business for their response. This business has an initial deadline of March 14, 2008 to respond to your complaint. You may contact our office after March 14, 2008 to check the status of your complaint. Please note it can take up to 30 business days to resolve a dispute.

    We encourage you to use our ONLINE COMPLAINT system to keep up with the progress of this complaint. To view the details of your case please go to the following website address:

    February 20, 2008: I receive an email –
    Your opinion is important to us.

    You recently submitted an email requesting assistance with your Vonage account. As part of Vonage’s commitment to excellence, we want to be sure we met your needs during this email exchange. Would you please take a moment to answer a few questions to let us know how we did?

    March 8, 2008: Vonage charges my credit card again

    March 9, 2008:
    I email Vonage again –
    $181.32 That is the total of unauthorized charges from Vonage to my
    credit card for the business account. The Dec 8, Jan 8, Feb 8 and
    now Mar 8 invoices. I don’t know how I could have made it
    plainer, back in September 2007, that I would not need the services
    again until March of 2008. Now I am at the point of needing
    telecom services again for both residential and business purposes.
    I am VERY weary of doing further business with Vonage and I am even
    considering going back to LAN line or cable services. Please
    correct the charges made to my account by crediting my credit
    card, NOT my Vonage account, $181.32.
    Vonage replies –
    I understand that you are concerned about the charges on your account and want refund of the charges.
    I checked our records and found that your account (xxxxxxxxx) is still in “Active” status. Our records indicate that your account was started on September 08, 2006. Your billing cycle starts from the account start date. Billing in Vonage is automated and there is no manual work involved. Your billing cycle starts on the 08th day of every month. You will be charged for your service till your account is disconnected which is mentioned in our Terms of Service (TOS).

    For more information about TOS, please follow the link given below:
    We have received your cancellation request. However, we are unable to process this request through email. Cancellation requests require a phone call to our Account Management Department. Our Account Management Department is available to assist you Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. EST. To reach our Account Management Department, please call 1-VONAGE-HELP (1-866-243-4357).
    We are sorry to hear that you wish to cancel your account. We value your business and would like to address any concerns you may have regarding your service. In order to handle your cancellation request, we need to verbally verify the owner of the account. This is to prevent another person from terminating your account without your knowledge.
    All requests to disconnect service without speaking with an Account Management Representative via telephone cannot be processed or considered an official cancellation request.

    March 10, 2008:
    A) I post this to a few blogs, email this to Vonage customer service and to the Vonage Board of Directors. Vonage Corporate Contact Form To comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, the Company must establish a means for communicating with the members of Vonage’s Board of Directors.
    B) Board of Directors auto responder-

    Thank you for contacting the Executive Support Team. We appreciate the opportunity to address your Customer Care concerns. We apologize if you have been dissatisfied in these areas thus far – your issue will be assigned to an Escalation Manager who will personally assist you with this matter. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST.


    Executive Support Team

  45. Dave

    ARE YOU F’N KIDDING ME!!?!? So, I understood the early term fee of $39.99 – fine, fine. I’ll do that – I was OK with that before I even called. Then they ding me for an extra $49.99 for the f’n ATA device, and won’t let me return it!!!! WTF??!?! Don’t EVER go with these bastards. Yes, they provide a decent service (which isn’t even consistent), but then if you try to cancel, FORGET IT. Might as well just bend over for them. **SIGH** 😐

  46. Tori

    There are news room to also get the word out. Just send them this link to ‘Consumer Watch’ and let them do the work. I was going to sign up with vonage. It’s a good thing that I was given this link.

  47. mark skapinski

    They dont make it easy. Still struggling for 1 year now. For a while i was just putting my credit card in dispute then I cancled the card so they couldnt bill me. Now they send me emails… really whats the deal.. I have asked for a representative many times and they fail to provide anyones name.

  48. sweetmint5

    Thanks, for the information about vonage. I wasabout to get this service,but now I have changed my mind. They have promised me a lot,but I see I will be better off staying with my same phone company.

  49. Swaom

    Though the product works well, I am experiencing how much pain the cancellation process. I could not cancel at all and for that reason I still using the phone paying the monthly bill of $34.

    When I wanted to cancel they have talked very generously to keep in frozen for no cost. After a 3 months period, i called them to reactivate the service. The vonage rep says it’s never been inactive and it is active. When I have asked if I can use it they sais Yes.

    After 1 months I got a heavy bill instead of a regular $34. I called the cust service and found that the plan now is ‘Limited plan’ hence what ever the exta calls I made are charged. I got shocked, why it could be a limited plan when I opened the account and operated it for almost 1 year. After a 30 minutes, 4 calls, they have given one month free. In frustation I just left it there. I am trying to cancel as my 1 year of contract is going to end in August. I am not sure what plan I have to do to cancel it with out hassles.

  50. Margaret

    I was going to sign up with vonage then changed my mind because the internet service provider they put me through to said they were not compatible and I could not receive their service anyway because of where we lived.
    I called vonage and cancelled that same day. They took
    $200 dollars out my checking account and won’t give it back. We’ve called at least 20 times. One lady was going to charge us a cancellation fee and said it would go on my credit record if I did not pay it. Another guy said we should get our money back but the computers were down. Now I’m waiting to see what they told the Better Business Bureau. These people are crooks and I will get my money back.

  51. Fockers

    What does it mean when a Vonage CS rep tells you that you have a contract with them but you actually don’t.

    It’s called Misrepresentation, which they will be sued with!

  52. I read most of the complaints from others regarding Vonage.
    My problems are like thiers. I am belonged for just under 2 months, & complained about service. Nothing happened, nothing was corrected.
    I decided to cancel & spent several hours with customer service. They demanded a $131.00 cancel fee. I said I would not pay this fee.
    I called in again talking to another person, now I was told I would only have to pay $39.00. Again I said I refused to pay. I did get a return address but they would not give a return number. I enclosed a copy of my $32.10 payment demanding a refund. I sent the package insured to get a signature for proof that they received.
    Will I get a refund? Don’t know, but I do know I will never recmend Vonage again. EVER

  53. Vamsi

    I tried cancelling my service and then softly came up 2 things:
    1. Cancellation fees of $39.99
    2. Rebate that I got when I purchased the vonage device which was $80.

    Hence I have to pay $120 to disconnect the phone. Ridiculous.

  54. steven edwards


    I called the Vonage cancellation service number 1-888-288-7435 and told the young lady over her sales, pitch that I wanted to cancel my service. I was firm and unrelenting that I did not use the phone number and that I just wanted to cancel, she hung up.
    I called the same number and spoke with Jacques Jaimaito, employee number 151090 …I had to ask, and told him I wanted to cancel my service for said reason…..over his sales pitch. He serviced my account in a very friendly manner and informed me that a service rep had contacted me “recently” regarding my account from what he could see. WELL?????? Not EXACTLY, but yes we spoke a few minutes ago and I WANT TO CANCEL MY ACCOUNT BECAUSE I DO NOT USE IT!
    Account Creation Date: Aug, XX, 2006
    Cancellation Date: Apr, XX, 2009


    We are sorry to lose you as a Vonage customer and have cancelled your account, as requested.

    Your Vonage account number XXXXXXXXXXXX has been deactivated. You will still have access to your Vonage call and billing history via your Online Account for up to 90 days after this cancellation. The account will not be active. But, you can still view your account information.

    Thank you for your business and we hope to welcome you back as a Vonage customer in the near future. Vonage is continuously making improvements and enhancements to our service – such as new innovative features and expanded coverage areas.

    And remember, you can still call your friends and family who are Vonage customers by using V-Access. V-Access enables you to make calls to any Vonage phone number or 800 number, without paying for long distance or international fees.* Currently available in Canada, France, Italy, Mexico, Spain, the UK and US. For a list of V-Access numbers, just visit

    This email was sent from a mailbox that does not accept replies. To send us an email, please visit our Contact Us page.

    If you should require a change in your phone service in the future, or your needs change, please consider Vonage and visit us at or contact Customer Care at 1-VONAGE-HELP (1-866-243-4357).

    Vonage Customer Care

    *Local calling area varies by provider and calling plan chosen. Please check with your local telephone company to see if charges for calls to your closest V-Access number apply. I hope it is a solution to this problem for you as well.

  55. scasmflop

    Had no idea Vonage was so crooked until I just attempted cancellation. After 45 minutes of sales pitches targeted to make me change my mind about my unhappiness with them I am told that I’ll be immediately charged $120 for cancellation. I have never signed any time based contract with them and had their service for around 7 months. Never read anything that led me to believe there was this cancellation trouble or I never would have signed. All I remember upon startup was a barrage of 911 workaround emails. $120… are you kidding me vonage? Hopefully BBB will be fruitful, anyone else have luck?

  56. KJ

    To add fuel to the fire, we were thoroughly pleased with Vonage at first a few years ago. However, due to cable limitations in Minnesota, we returned to another (huge) provider. Since then (2007) we had to relocate (job) and signed up again with Vonage. This is our problem: the number they assigned was held by lawbreaking, partying delinquents who apparently skipped out and the local agencies, myriad creditors and unsavory males keep the phone lines hot calling this number all times of day and night. We’re sick of it. The phone numbers assigned were theoretically dormant for six months (last time we checked) but this one apparently was not. Yes, contacts have been made and I just read this blog site today so I am not really expecting good results.

  1. 1 the renaissance man » Vonage Won’t Stop

    […] I hard a hard enough time trying to cancel their service. Today, I get an email saying that I can still get some free months if I refer friends to them. This is incredible. I used to recommend them all the time, but never again. […]

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