Flock vs. Firefox

I just don’t get why Flock exists. Admittedly, I’ve only been trying the new beta for all of 20 minutes, but it is simply the same as Firefox. In fact, I had to install the Performancing plugin to post this entry as the Flock blogging client is too skimpy (no categories?!).

Can someone please tell me how Flock sets itself apart from Firefox? What is its mission? How could it not have accomplished that mission with a suite of plugins and skins for Firefox? Why “develop” a whole new browser?

I understand this is just a beta, but the only hint of the value this may have is in the integration of the photo tools and the bookmark sharing tools. These are not that compelling to me or to a huge swath of the market. The tools are very nicely done. My hope and the only logical thing is that they become a platform for building API-based tools into Flock. Hopefully, these few tools with which they’ve started are only to prove their concept and the company or third-parties can use the copious numbers of APIs popping up to develop their own tools based on these UI and communication foundations.

I don’t want to be a naysayer. I just want to see the light.

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  1. Dude, are you blind? Look at Flock. HOW is it the same browser as Firefox? Firefox it may be underneath but there is something much more special about Flock than Firefox. For starters, in my opinion Flock is aesthetically pleasing out of the box. You can add blog entries to WordPress, Drupal, etc, with integrated right click. No crappy 3rd party extensions to install. Pure functionality. You want to copy my words down for later so you can butcher them in a rite of blog purification? Enter Flock’s wonderous web snippets feature, so simple, so accessible…often I am pondering why it took this long to introduce this very simple feature into a web browser. It is the innovation of Flock dev team that sets it apart from Firefox. Flock’s slogan pretty much sums it up: Flock. The browser for you and your friends.

    Be friendly.

    Try Flock again and explore some of it’s integrated functionality and resources and you might follow my lead and uninstall Firefox from your system. Fight the power.

  2. They are nowhere near the same. They have the same rendering engine and they can share some of the same extensions. Other then that Flock is completely new.

    Here’s how to get the most out of Flock:
    -Make sure you configure all your accounts when prompted.
    -Install the Google Notebook and Google Toolbar Extensions. Also install the Blogger Extension.
    -Install Performancing like you already have.
    -For sidebars, I highly reccomend the All-In-One Sidebar.
    -If you don’t have a Writely account and you are interested: SIGN UP BECAUSE WITH FLOCKS FEATURES IT’S LIKE 10X BETTER!!!
    -Also if you like to be extra secure, use the McAfee Site Advisor, Adblock, and Noscript.

    Am I an Extension Junky? Yes. But combine the power of Flock, Performancing, Google Notebook, and Writely, and that in itself is the ultimate blogging tool. Now they just need to organize their Favorites. All the more reason go keep Performancing around though, it has access to your del.icio.us account.

  3. poshbargains

    does anyone know if with using flock you can upload into photobucket several images at the same time – ie with out having to individually choose each image ?
    sounds basic but having just downloaded flock hopefully to save time Im beginning to think that maybe this is not possible. at present I have to click each image into the uploading box

  4. sergi

    there is no difference between Flock and firefox exept the look of the interface. flock was created bu the firs developer of firefox who left the project and he wanted to create “new century browser” he said that all internet browsers didn’t change a bit since 1997 and he wanted to create something new.. my opinion-lame browsr just because it is a IE7looking Firefox

  5. Flock 0.9, is really nice. Give it a try

  6. I’m using Flock right now, and there is no major difference between it and Firefox except for the interface. Sure, there are the automatic blogging features, but unless you blog a LOT, it’s not worth the change; just stick with Firefox. I don’t even understand why Flock exists, it’s basically FF with a bunch of addons pre-installed. It’s not bad, but there’s no point for it. If you REALLY need the features then just install the appropriate addons for FF, it takes like 5 minutes.

  7. It has it’s perks and it has its disadvantages. I consider it Netscape Browser the II as netscape is pushing it’s former users to flock now. It has some built in features that are nice (drop and drag pictures is nice) Overall though I have some issues with what they did to the theme engine as firefox themes do not look right with flock and I can’t find any flock themes available sans the default one which I honestly don’t like. IT does seem to handle most fire fox plugins correctly which is a plus in my opinion.

  8. To the dude claiming firefox is dead… a little reminder, firefox is the core or heart of flock… if it’s dead, flock dies as well

  9. wat!
    flock is the best browser invented firefox lies third second is
    safari because of its speed
    flock can take firefox adds on
    and no screen will pop up
    firefox stinks now pheew!
    if you havent download flock 2.0 beta

  10. amarth666

    I haven;t try flock; however, just because it uses firefox engine does not mean it is pointless to give a try. It is like linux, why would you use ubuntu, when linux mint is based on it? Or in that case why would you use ubuntu when it is based on debian. They are just customized versions for people who like them the way they are built.

  11. raininggemini

    Everybody knows Firefox is the #1 RAM eater out o all programs, Flock has less RAM usage, maybe that’s why they developed a new one. 😀

  12. thecoolman

    you get it you dumbasses, flock is firefox based web browser made for social web browsing.. you can make firefox the same by adding add-ons and plugins, which will make firefox eat half of your RAM, but whereas in flock they are integrated so it won’t slow down your speed.. and for your information flock is made by the developers of the first versions of firefox, so duh its going to be the same..

  13. exo

    Well compare memory consumption between FF and any other browser…
    Second thing… It’s a matter of the individual person to choose the way of browsing the web…
    And the question why does Flock exists??
    Why Ford exists when you already have a Toyota??

  1. 1 anoccasionalinterruption

    […]I’m testing this post now with the Flock built in blogging tool and the categories seem to be available. You just need to publish first, then you are presented with the ability to categorize the post.I’m glad Flock exists, if for no other reason than to make Firefox better[…]

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