World Cup Blogging

I enjoyed writing about the U.S. loss today. Not because it was a loss, but it felt good to talk about this event that I have watched every minute of. So far, I have seen every game. It’s great that it’s on TV and that I can watch on the computer as well.

In light of that, starting with tomorrow’s matches, I will be doing a real-time blog of all the games from here on out. Hopefully, the real world outside my second bedroom here won’t intrude, but I should be able to handle it. Even more hopefully, a few of you might even read it.

What makes me qualified? Nothing. I’m a relatively new fan to the game, though I am fairly knowledgeable. However, I don’t know all the history, all the names, or all the nuances. So, maybe my perspective is one that many Americans can appreciate.

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