U.S. Soccer Thoroughly Disappoints

I've watched every minute of every game of the World Cup, so far. Even when I am working, I watch it via ESPN 360. I just watch 90 minutes of the worst soccer played yet. The U.S. team looked like anything but a team.

The Czechs absolutely tore them apart. If Koller hadn't have gotten hurt, the Czechs might have scored 5 or 6. What was worse than the defense was the absolute lackadaisical offense. Eric Wynalda made a great point right after the game about DeMarcus Beasley, "How many passes did you make that were going backwards? Your job is to attack people."

There was no leadership and no spirit. All the confidence and pride and energy that Landon Donovan had been touting in the weeks leading up to the Cup must have evaporated in the German sun. The Americans were ill-prepared and just plain boring. Claudio Reyna seemed to be a captain in name only. I saw him tugging at the armband as though it were uncomfortable. He certainly wasn't using that clout to do any sort of leading on the field.

Italy is now a must-win game, as of course is Ghana. Ties will not help us, especially with a goal deficit of 3-0. That's even more pressure on a team that looks sadly incapable of handling such pressure.

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