Back Into the Fold

I’m done with teaching. That sounds very perjorative, and while for the past month or two, it has felt that way, I really don’t feel negative about it long term. Due to some ongoing, long term mental health issues that I continue to battle, I have had to stop teaching. The daily pressure was just too much for me, I guess. I haven’t fully dissected it.

What it does mean is that I am back to web development and like many forward-looking web developers, I am riding on the Rails. I already have my home-cooked project and am reading tons of blogs. When I lay down at night, the ideas percolate in my brain like days of yore.

One of the first things I did was to go looking for a text editor that made writing Rails and Ruby code easier. There were few solutions out there, but many suggestions. I won’t rehash what others have covered except to provide a list (e.g., Eclipse, jEdit, Cream, emacs, vim, ArachnoRuby, RadRails). None of these gave me what I really wanted.

I finally chanced upon a new project, RIDE-ME (Rails IDE – Minus Eclipse). Written in C# on the .NET platform, it is quickly becoming exactly what I, a long-time Windows programmer, am looking for. It’s new, and there are bugs, but instead of just complaining, I have joined the effort and am submitting bugs to their Trac system in an effort for this to become THE Rails IDE on Windows. Be sure to check out the development blog and help these guys out.

As for my return to the webdev world, I am currently doing some PHP contract work. It’s some good work that’s been a great reintroduction after being out of the fold for two years. The pace has been great for me to get back into fighting shape and it’s been a great chance for me to do some large-scale PHP programming which was something I lacked on my resume previously.

All in all, this recent turn of events is turning out to be fairly positive for me.

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  1. Hey Alex. Thanks for all the great feedback, and this review is great as well!

    Your submissions have really helped us out tremendously with finding and resolving issues in this early preview of RIDE-ME!

    Good luck in all your Rails endeavors!

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