MacOSX on Intel PC

I got my hands on an image of OSX 10.4.5. I then downloaded the Maxxuss patches and used all of them except for the AMD patch. That was it. The install was perfect after that. Sound and network worked fine. I didn’t test the burner, but the CD-ROM was working fine.

I did have problems with iTunes as most users have reported. I was planning on a big write-up of how I did this, but it was so easy that I don’t see the need. Below is a gallery of screenshots, including those showing the hardware the on which the system is running. I will post more tech details about the system as soon as I get a chance to copy them all down. The short tale is that it’s a Pentium4 Gateway laptop with pretty much standard features. The video card is an nVidia ATI Radeon (thanks azz!) mobile card.

Here are some links to the screenshots. Choose your favorite photo site:

I simply can’t decide which makes one of those photo sites better than another…can you?

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  1. Microsoft just announced that Vista will be out in 2007, instead of this year, missing both the back-to-school laptop sales and holiday sales. Not that I thought Vista was going to be a good product, but when the slip dates become bigger news than the product, you have a problem.

    If the migration of the Mac OS to the Intel platform is as smooth as what you have pointed out, I can see a mass exodus from Windows, at least in the g33k realms.

    But sadly, the Mac OS on a PC doesn’t/won’t hurt Windows, it’ll hurt Linux.

  2. azz

    Why does the text say it is an nvidia card, but the screenshots say it is an ati radeon?

    Also, if this does work, it won’t hurt linux. Both Mac and Microsoft are are proprietary. If anything, people will try a pirated version of Mac OS before trying linux – which has proper support.

    They already payed for Windows, no one is going to want to pay for another OS.

    If anything it will increase awareness that there is more than one OS that you are allowed to use. Again, that is good for linux.

  3. You’re right “azz.” My bad. I changed the text to match. Thanks for the pointer!

    You and Mark both have interesting viewpoints on how this affects Linux. I tend to agree with azz since the OSX is really a kludge and Linux distros like Ubuntu are so advanced in hardware and software compatibility.

  1. 1 Renaissance Man » Blog Archive » XP on Mac

    […] They just released a public beta of Boot Camp, which will be included by default in OS X Leopard. This 83mb application allows XP to run easily on those new Intel-based Macs. This is really a coup. Windows and Apple have done everything they can to discourage running OS X on Intel or AMD-based PCs (but some have still done it), yet here is Apple openly and freely promoting the dual-boot configuration. […]

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