Mashup Madness

This remix stuff has just exploded. Was this a scene that existed before and has only now found popular purchase? I first became aware, like many I expect, with DJ Danger Mouse’s “Grey Album” which mixed Jay-Z’s “Black Album” with The Beatles “White Album.” I’m enjoying most of these as novel ways to enjoy acts I might not otherwise listen to. The old axiom about putting a danceable beat behind anything is certainly true here. There are tons of blogs and forums out there, but the best by far is GYBO: Get Your Bootleg On.

You’ll find plenty of links there to mashups. There’s also info about how to remix, including ideas on beats, tempos, software, and even legality issues. It’s a well-rounded gathering of people with interest in this scene.

Here’s three mashups that I think are the cream of the current crop. These are full album mashups which intrigue me much more than the singles that are coming out of the woodwork. Adapting an entire album is a serious effort and can show much more talent than just busting out a single.

I don’t know how long this scene will be out there, but it’s an interesting pop culture moment made possible expressly by the web. Without getting too mystical about the web’s impact, it also relies greatly on inexpensive music software and production tools. In short, this scene exists simply because the technology exists.

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