I’m not going to rehash what those who are smarter than me are saying, but cocomment is pure genius. I have forever wanted an easier way to track, remember, and follow up on all the various comments that I make on blogs. With the advent of much of the blog content being consumed by RSS, there is a need for a way to track your interaction with those sites since you don’t habitually visit those sites.

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  1. This is my first coComment comment. I think this could be big…

  2. I like CoComment, too. But it would be truely powerful if it was a small download app that could be run from your desktop.

    I get a little frustrated at all the great apps that require you to go to a web site and login to use.

    Blogging sites, such as typepad and wordpress, should have a downloadable app for blogging. Why go to the typepad site, login, click on post… not that it is difficult, but having a small app right on the desktop would be very powerful

  3. Well, it’s actually just a bookmarklet that you click before posting your comment. So, in a sense, it is a downloadable app. You do not have to go to the site to login each time.

    As to desktop blogging tools, there are quite a few like w.bloggar, Post2Blog, and Blogjet, just to mention a few. They seems to provide the functionality you want, and more.

  4. OK, I have tried coComment and I pretty much hate it. It does not seem to work and does not allow me to leave comments on blogs at all. It keeps giving me stack overflow errors.

    It’s still in beta, so there is hope. But the concept is wonderful.

  5. Interesting, it has worked flawlessly for me. What browser are you using? Maybe there is a cookies issue?

    Actually, I am using Windows Vista and the new IE7 and it does seem to have issues. It’s flawless on Firefox/XP install.

  6. We’ve heard some things about stack overflows by some users, but we could not yet track them down. I think it is related to certain browsers (officially we only support Firefox, but IE we try to make Safari and IE work as well). For all the others we are trying, but there seems to be some issues there (e.g. for Opera).

    All these problems also show why a downloadable app is not a perfect solution as well. The web is actually quite standardized now, but operating systems. Writing an application that works on all Winsows systems, support Mac OS, all the Linuxes out there and what else users might desired is not that easy. But it is still a good thought and needs thought.

  7. The downloadable app is not really something that interests me.

    With the the Greasemonkey script that auto-invokes coComment on sites which support it, I find that it is amazingly easy to use.

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